On-Demand Air Support Services

Air support is essential to respond competitively in today’s market.

Whether it is a lack of rail and road infrastructure, seasonal effects on road access, or an insecure ground environment, FSG has the ability to build reliable aviation support services that deliver what our clients want, where they want it, whenever they need it – there is no place on the planet that FSG Aviation cannot access for our clients.


The FSG fleet can provide timely and tailored aviation solutions to meet our clients’ needs, including:


FSG’s aircraft fleet is designed to operate in difficult environments. Utility, reliability, maintainability are inherent to our fleet which includes medium lift Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) aircraft, medium lift helicopters, and medium lift and heavy lift jet cargo aircraft.



With a standard of less than 12 hours to a Level 1 care facility from anywhere in Africa, we have the largest specialized aeromedical evacuation aircraft fleet on the continent. Our fleet includes aircraft that are ETOPS Certified, flying trans-oceanic routes, including MEDEVAC flights from Africa to Europe. When customers work with FSG they can rest easy that if things go wrong FSG will get them to the best care.



With its own fleet of corporate jets FSG provides safe air transport for VIPs across the globe and to areas that are difficult to access.



With our own uniquely designed paradrop system, we can deliver even the most delicate equipment into otherwise inaccessible areas.