Sino Iron Project

The project included port construction, road building, camp, desalination plant, gas power plant and 6 lines iron ore refine plant. Total weight was up to 1.5 million freight tons with major equipments such as AG Mill, ball mill, etc. that were biggest modules in the world at the time. Throughout the project, we gained much experience that enables us to provide customized solutions to any requirement.We are able to provide one-stop integrated logistics solutions with strong resource integration capabilities, logistics capabilities in high-risk areas and robust project execution capabilities.

PCB project

This package included transportation of 81 modules, biggest module weighed 650 tons, total sailings 57. SPMT to roll on and roll off and 4 barges were used: DWT8000t Self-Propeller Barge (SPB), DWT5000t SPB, DWT7000t Barge and a tug boat.

Heavy Lift Ocean Transport

Australia Sydney Ferry Wharf Project: transport from Vietnam to Australia, the heavy parts are two pontoons up to 280 tons each, loaded from water at Anchorage Area.