Program Support Services

Frontier Services Group (FSG) provides world class security solutions to the highest international standards, compliant with all local and international laws and regulations. Identifying and mitigating risks are a part of our holistic approach to security, enabling our clients to operate securely and efficiently in the most challenging and hostile environments.

● Personal Security Awareness Training
● Vulnerability and Threat Assessments
● Advance Site Surveys
● Develop integrated security plans
● Risk mitigation
● Information Analysis

● Integrated Security and Logistical support
● Global Operation Centers
● Integrated Risk, Vulnerability and Threat Assessments
● Close Protection Programs
● Technical Security Solutions

● Assist clients with after crisis
   and incident investigations
● Develop training from after action findings
● Mobile Training Teams
● Onsite training updates

● Rapid Response Support Teams
● Emergency Action Assistance      
● Casualty Assistance Control Officer

Threat and risk assessments  

Frontier Services Group provides information, analysis and intelligence together with expert security risk management, allowing our clients to successfully operate in challenging and frontier markets.

- Threat & risk assessments 

- Security reviews & audits support
- Crisis management
- Embedded information and advisors and analysts

Executive / Close protection  

Our executive protection teams provide security services for high-value individuals. Our highly trained ex-military personnel ensure that the necessary preparation is completed in advance of any trip and that you are thoroughly briefed prior to your journey.

Close protection:

- VIP close protection
- Executive close protection
- Group escorts
- Site advance clearance

Protective security detail / Mobile security:
- Armored vehicle convoy
- Quick reaction forces
- Operations and communications centers


Safety implementation across your organization is a fundamental enabler. We bring holistic understanding of the risks to develop operating policies and documents, document management systems, integrated management systems, change management systems, and cost effective improvement programs. Our approach is practical and direct, leaving you with a self-sustaining system. 

- Occupational Health and Safety

- Environmental safety

Strategy and Policy Development  

Embedding a “security culture” into an organization requires a security concept and strategy. By engaging with all stakeholders within your organization, and conducting an overarching gap analysis of your needs, FSG can provide you with a roadmap for integrating security into the heart of your business. 

- Security strategy design
- Policy and procedure development
- Program and project management

Physical and Technical Security  

FSG provides physical and technical security to prevent physical actions or events from causing serious damage to your personnel, assets and information.

- Technical systems security solutions

- Physical security solutions
- Armed and unarmed guarding
- Standard operating and guard force procedures
- Emergency response teams
- Secure transport and logistical guard
- Tactical first aid response

IT security  


Your high value information is central to operations, we provide proven solutions for high probability of a stable internal information ecosystem.

Our consultants advise using the ISO 27000 family of standards and recommended practices. ISO 27000 offers a methodical approach to dealing with sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It encompasses people, procedures and IT systems and can be scaled and applied to small, medium and large  businesses to ensure IT systems and assets are protected. 

FSG IT Security provides: 
- Threat Intelligence 
- Penetration Testing 
- IT Maturity Assessments 
- IT Security Training
- IT Incident Response
- Technology Implementation
- Disaster Recovery 
- Development and Implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

Aviation security  

Our aviation security specialists are certified ICAO AVSEC-PM’s and deliver solutions in accordance with International Civil Aviation Authority, International Air Transport Association and other recognized international standards to ensure compliance in all aspects of the complex AVSEC regulatory environment. 

- Security master planning
- Security technical advisory and design
- Design and implementation of  Security Management Systems (SeMS)
- Security policy and procedure development
- AVSEC curriculum development and training
- Security audits, tests, inspections, and surveys ensuring compliance with legislation, standards and recommended practices including: national civil AVSEC programs; national civil AVSEC quality control programs; operators’ security programs; tenant security programs; and service provider security programs
- Management and delivery of contingency plans in the case of aircraft on ground (AOG)


By conducting a Training Needs Assessment through a Security Site Survey, FSG develop, plan and conduct customized security training courses in support of FSG projects and FSG Client’s operations. These courses are designed to provide the best possible training for client personnel, subcontracted security personnel and sustainment training for current FSG employees.
Training courses delivered:
- Basic Static Security Course
- Basic Mobile Security Course
- Basic instructor training Course
- Crisis management Course
- Personal protection specialist Course
- Personal security awareness Course
- Capacity building Course