As one part of FSG comprehensive risk solution, combined with Security and Logistics, FSG Insurance endeavors to provide professional, excellent, local service for enterprises going abroad. FSG Insurance could help you to identify, analyze and assess risks of overseas projects, get coverage and financial stability through tailor made insurance program with reasonable and efficient cost.

Risks Everywhere

Accompanied with globalization, risk has been one of the most important sectors that enterprises have to take into consideration when they go abroad.
Overseas projects are vulnerable and most likely to suffer massive damage and loss resulting from natural catastrophes, human factors and social risks, unexpected accidents, conflicts and violence crime. FSG could help you identify the risks and design specific tailor made insurance program to cover your risk.

  • Natural Risk

    Natural risk means risk to life and activities caused by irregular changes of natural elements, such as earthquake, windstorm, volcano eruption, flood, etc. Although natural risk is uncontrollable and carries with tremendous influence, it is the most common insurable risk in the market.

  • Social Risk

    Social Risks means physical damage to or body injury of other parties caused by action of a single being or an organization. e.g. stealing, robbery, fraud, neglect of duty or malicious damage.

  • Political Risk

    Also known as Country Risk, it means the potential loss possibility of creditor caused by political reasons or other uncontrollable reasons during the process of foreign investment or business trading.

  • Economic Risk

    Economic risks means the failure risk caused by forecast deviation, wrongful decision of management, or negative influence elements as changes of market supply-demand relationship, trading conditions, etc. For example, increase /decrease of production scale, fluctuation of price, variation of operating break-even points.

  • Technical Risk

    It means the newly merged risks accompanied the development of science & technology, transformation of lifestyle and production mode, which threaten people’s life and activities. e.g. nuclear radiation, air pollution and commercial noise, etc.

Insurance Program for Overseas Projects

As one part of FSG comprehensive risk solution, combined with Security and Logistics, FSG could help our clients to transfer their major risks through insurance program.

FSG Special Insurance Solutions

Utilizing the global network and resources of FSG,
we are able to create solutions for emergency response including: medical evacuation,emergency evacuation, repatriation, kidnap & ransom response, and crisis management.