Ground-Breaking Move for FSG Insurance Business in Africa


On March 7, 2020, Global Pioneer Assurance (“GPA” ), of which Frontier Services Group is the initiator and largest shareholder, obtained official approval for non-life insurance business license from ARCA, the local insurance regulator in the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”).

GPA will take advantage of the resources and background of its international shareholder and focus on cooperation with large international renowned insurance companies to meet the diversified insurance demands of clients in DRC, especially international investors, including construction insurance, property insurance, cargo insurance, business interruption insurance, comprehensive personal accident insurance, public liability insurance and other types of insurances. All the international companies cooperating with GPA are with stable financial performance, excellent international rating, reliable claim services and years of established market reputation.

In addition to the above traditional insurances, GPA will develop and innovate special risk insurance solutions according to the risks in DRC, with support from FSG.

Meanwhile, GPA will play synergy with FSG taking advantage of its security, aviation, logistics businesses so as to provide integrated one-stop solutions covering assessment, prevention, control, insurance and emergency rescue, etc., to meet the needs for comprehensive risk management from clients in DRC.

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