FSG Live Stream to Train Lao Railway Police


On June 10, 2021, Frontier Services Group organized a live stream training for Lao Railway Police Department headquarters.

The China-Laos Railway, which will be opened to traffic at the end of this year, is an important part of the Trans-Asian Railway and the first railway in Laos. The railway connects Kunming of China and Vientiane of Laos with a total length of more than 1,000 kilometres and a design speed of 160 kilometres per hour. It is an electrified railway for mixed passenger and freight traffic and the total investment is over 50.54 billion RMB.  

In order to ensure the continuous and safe operation of the China-Laos Railway, the Lao Government has established the Lao Railway Police Department. Due to the lack of experience in railway operation, management and public security maintenance, training is urgently needed for the new Department. The FSG Office of Safety and Security worked together with FSG team in Laos and designed the training programs specifically. The programs will systematically cover the focus of police management in the process of railway operation, including management structure, personnel requirements, daily duties and emergency handling, as well as public security prevention, control system construction, and supervision management, etc. During the Q&A session, relevant experience of the Chinese Railway Police was also shared with the trainees, which was highly affirmed by the receiving party.