Security Specialist Localization Facilitates the Smooth Implementation of Major Overseas Projects


On September 5th, 2021, the Frontier Services Group Laos team launched a series of training for local security specialists for the Laos-China Railway Headquarters, marking an important step taken by FSG to ensure safety and security during the implementation of the Laos-China Railway project.

The Laos-China Railway is an important part of the Trans-Asian Railway. Since the “Belt and Road” initiative was put forward, it is the first international railway directly connected to the Chinese railway network and is mainly invested, constructed and operated by China. To be officially launched by the end of 2021, it is a major strategic move for Laos to change from "a locked land” to “a linked land", bearing great significance for stimulating the economic and social development of Laos and improving its geographical environment. The Laos-China Railway Headquarters Park is the traffic control center of all railway lines in Laos, which plays an important role in the traffic operation and management.

FSG has international security management capabilities and implementation experience for large-scale projects, and provides world-class overall security solutions in accordance with the highest international standards. Since 2018, FSG has been deeply involved in the security management of key strategic channel projects between China and Laos, including risk assessment, security training, personal security, and security system consultation during the operation period. FSG has contributed and will continue to contribute to the implementation of the China-Laos Community of Shared Future Action Plan.

 figure 1