FSG Security DRC Awarded Again For Team and Individual Excellent Performance


Hosted by the Lualaba Chinese Chamber of Commerce (LCCC), the “2022 Annual Conference of LCCC and the Inaugural Ceremony of Joint Protection Mechanism” was successfully held in Kolwezi, capital of Lualaba Province, DRC. Many Chinese enterprises participated in the event, such as CMOC TFM, CNMC Somidez, CNMC LCS, China Railway Six Group, Seven Group, and Nine Group, etc. FSG Security Company in DRC (FSGS) was awarded its second title of “Team of Excellent Performance” by LCCC, and three employees won the title of “Individual of Excellent Performance in 2022”.

Mr. Chen Hao, the manager of FSGS, made a keynote speech at the meeting. Through big data technology, he analyzed the security trend in DRC and summarized the achievements of the Frontier Joint Protection Team in the past year. As of this December, the Team had tackled 37 security incidents, including 28 break-in robberies and 4 robbery attacks. The crime peaked from 0-4 am with a total of 28 incidents. Through the multi-dimensional analysis of the types of cases, the occurrence area, and the occurrence period, the Team comprehensively summarized the causes of the incidents and targeted measures, which guided the subsequent enhancement of security in Kolwezi.