FSG Fully Supports the Development of Security Undertakings in D. R. Congo


Organized by the Lualaba Chinese Chamber of Commerce (LCCC), the “FSG Security and Insurance Training and Joint Protection Promotion Conference" was successfully held in Kolwezi City, Lualaba Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on April 23, 2023. Well-known for its mineral resources, Lualaba has attracted many international investors. As a leading overseas security company from China, Frontier Services Group (FSG) has been providing for years professional and reliable services to protect the safety of international investors, especially Chinese enterprises and their personnel.

The training aimed to raise the security awareness of LCCC enterprises and Chinese expatriates, and to introduce FSG's insurance services. As the general election is approaching, the domestic situation is grim and the security risks are increasing. The operation manager of FSG Security Company in DRC (FSGS) therefore conducted a special training on "Prevention and Response to Overseas Kidnapping and Abduction”. He demonstrated the kidnapping cases against overseas Chinese in recent years and analyzed the possible dangers with the current international and local security situation. Finally, emergency response measures for kidnapping were simulated, and preventive measures, emergency response, and self-rescue skills in different scenarios were explained. The training effectively enhanced the participants' ability to identify and prevent potential risks and helped them understand how to effectively protect their personal and property safety.

Moreover, the establishment of "Joint Protection Mechanism" is also one of the important means to maintain regional safety. As the main force, FSGS has actively supported its development, and the achievements have been highly recognized by the local government, Chinese Foreign Ministry and Chinese Embassy in DRC.

Global Pionner Assurance (GPA) is a local property insurance company jointly established by FSG and local partners in DRC, and approved by the Authority of Regulation and the Control of Assurances (ARCA) to operate a wide range of local property insurance businesses. The general manager introduced various products of GPA during the training, actively interacted with the participants and answered their questions in detail.

As an indispensable component of FSG Overall Risk Management Package, FSG Insurance has gained the trust of many large Chinese companies in DRC because of the rich insurance coverage, high-quality service, professional service team, and extensive resource support. FSG Insurance will continue to rely on the strength of the Group to provide a package of service solutions together with security, logistics and other  businesses to help customers achieve their risk management goals.

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