Frontier Services Group Graduates First Overseas Security Specialist Class


On November 21st, 2017, Frontier Services Group (FSG) held the graduation ceremony for its first International Security Specialist Program (ISSP). The ISSP program is the first of its kind in China, training candidates at the highest international standards, preparing them for the challenges of managing security programs across the Belt & Road initiative. Candidates trained at FSG’s recently invested International Security Defensive College (ISDC) in Beijing under the instruction of FSG’s international training team. Candidates learned both international security theory and practice benefiting from the instructors’ experience in high risk environment’s, warzones and operations across the globe.

During the ISSP Graduation Ceremony FSG’s Chairman Mr. Erik D. Prince delivered a video message expressing his congratulations to the candidates on their accomplishment and reminded them to “stay focused, pay attention and succeed".

 Mr. Ko Chun Shun, FSG’s Deputy Chairman, spoke to the graduating students sharing his experience from the Hong Kong Oxfam Trailwalker Race the previous week of leading a 4-man team to walk 100 km in 23 hours at nearly 70 years of age.  He encouraged the graduates to confront difficulties and challenges, fortify their will, be strategic and persevere in the face of obstacles.

ISSP trainees were chosen after multiple rounds of selection from hundreds of candidates with diverse backgrounds including military and law enforcement. FSG’s security personnel are held to global standards and simply having previous military or security experience does not qualify candidates to join FSG’s team. Over 38 days the candidates endured strict, strenuous and systematic training including static security, mobile security and security operations supervisor courses with testing and evaluation each week. The top graduates of the program will be assigned to FSG's focus regions and will become an integral part of FSG’s overseas security team.

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