Frontier Services Group Provided Security Training for MCCT


Frontier Services Group Provided Security Training for MCCT

Mar. 26, 2018


On MCCT’s invitation, Frontier Services Group provided a 7-day security training for Chinese employees of MCCT Pakistan Saindak project from March 5th to 9th 2018. The training covered development methods and strategies of terrorists, personal security precautions, surveillance and anti-surveillance, prevention and response to kidnapping and to simple explosive devices, domicile security and security management. The theory was combined with actual operation and practical exercises to enhance practicability. In addition, FSG examined the security deployment on the spot and offered suggestions for improvement.

After the training, the employees of MCCT said that they had a deeper understanding of security precautions and security behaviors. They also increased their security consciousness which helps to lay a good foundation for better work of public security in 2018.

With the cooperation between China and Pakistan getting closer, more and more Chinese citizens settle in Pakistan and are exposed to more public security risks. The training courses and comprehensive security services provided by Frontier Services Group can increase the security consciousness of employees of Chinese companies in Pakistan. It also helps to promote the public security construction of Chinese companies in Pakistan.

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