Frontier Services Group Provided Personal Protection Specialist Course in Yangon, Myanmar


Frontier Services Group Training Division was lately appointed to train FSG security personnel deployed in Yangon, Myanmar to become Personal Protection Specialists (PPS).

The PPS program provides tools to understand the legal aspects of close protection and to develop a professional network to support operational teams. The course provides theory, basic practice, and extensive simulation practice of executive protection. There are three levels of PPS program: Personal Protection Specialist Entry Level, Personal Protection Specialist Advanced and Personal Protection Specialist High Risk Protection Team.

For this PPS Entry Level course, FSG Training Division selected 18 students including Burmese and international students with varying experience to be trained over a two-week period.  

As a result, the graduates developed sufficient knowledge and accepted the philosophy at the heart of personal protection: conflict avoidance; the use of proactive measures whenever possible rather than reactive measures; cover and evacuate; and, when avoidance and evacuation are not possible, decisive use of reactive measures. 


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