Mr. Chang Zhenming, Chairman of CITIC Group, Has Been Appointed as Chairman of the Board of FSG


The Board of Directors of Frontier Services Group Limited (FSG) is pleased to announce that Mr. Chang Zhenming has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board and a non-executive Director with effect from 6 December 2018.

Born in October 1956, Mr. Chang is the Chairman of CITIC Group Corporation and the Chairman of CITIC Limited. He graduated from New York Insurance Institute with a master’s degree in business administration. He is a senior economist by profession. Mr. Chang’s previous appointments include Vice President of CITIC Industrial Bank, Executive Director and Vice President of CITIC Group, Vice Chairman and President of China Construction Bank, Vice Chairman and President of CITIC Group, and Chairman of CITIC Group.

FSG has its headquarters and finance center in Hong Kong, insurance center in Beijing, security center in Dubai and logistics center in Shanghai, with its branches in Kashgar, Kinshasa, Nairobi, Boten, Malta, Johannesburg, Lagos, etc. The Group owns two aviation subsidiaries in Kenya and Malta, and two land logistics subsidiaries in South Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo. FSG teams are multinational, multilingual and highly experienced. With rich knowledges and experience in respective regions, they are capable of providing clients with world-class services to clients in any complex environment.

To cope with the condition that countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” are all in high risks, FSG applies the world's most advanced security concepts, models, means, technologies, management and experience in its services. It also takes advantages of its own capabilities in risk assessment, security consulting and implementation, emergency rescue, logistics and insurance, training management, etc. By doing these, the Group manages to provide overseas projects and personnel with comprehensive package solutions involving security, logistics, insurance, infrastructure construction, etc., ranging from initiation phase to subsequent operations of the projects.

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