FSG Provides Security Training for Overseas Personnel of SAG


Invited by Shaanxi Automobile Group (SAG), Lv Chaohai, the general manager of Northwest business segment of Frontier Service Group (FSG), led the technical team to give a one-day security training to some employees of SAG’s overseas business department on December 18, 2018.

SAG is a large-scale enterprise with annual revenue of more than RMB 58 billion, 23 overseas offices, and over 11,000 exported heavy trucks.

FSG tailored the training for SAG based on its corporate characteristics and overseas distribution. The course covered surveillance detection, improvised explosive devices, shooter prevention and response, etc. With a combination of theory and practice, the training focused on the practicality with a detailed analysis of the recent incidents of Chinese nationals and businesses being attacked in Pakistan. Lv Chaohai also shared his rich experiences of working and living in high-risk areas overseas for 13 years and summed up 18 practical precautions.

After the training, FSG and SAG employees had an in-depth exchange on the personal safety and corporate security management issues, etc. that had been encountered in overseas works. They agreed that the training was fruitful and improved employees' security awareness and enhanced their self-defense capabilities. The training also gave them a deeper understanding of enterprise security management, laying a good foundation for further improvement in the security area in 2019.

As the “Belt and Road” Initiative is continuously deepened, more and more Chinese enterprises are developing businesses overseas, and thereupon the demand for overseas security services is increasing. FSG’s security, logistics and insurance services provide Chinese enterprises with a comprehensive package of solutions ranging from the initiation phase to the follow-up operations of projects. They are playing a significant role in promoting public security, transport and logistics, insurance, emergency rescue, training management, etc. for overseas projects of Chinese enterprises.

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