Frontier Services Group To Launch Infrastructure Business


Frontier Services Group (“FSG") announced on April 2 the launch of Infrastructure business, the fourth main business segment of the Group, after Security, Logistics and Insurance.

FSG will provide critical infrastructure project solutions, from project planning, business consulting, investment and financing to engineering design, implementation and operations, helping clients to manage their entire project value chains. FSG’s Infrastructure business will focus on transportation corridors, energy and logistics networks as well as social housing projects in Africa and South East Asia, echoing China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative. The Group intends to take part in these projects through equity investment. The new infrastructure segment will be supported by FSG’s existing capabilities to ensure advantages in securing and working on large projects, while at the same time driving demand for FSG’s other main services and creating synergies among its resources.

China CITIC Group Corporation Ltd. has increased its shareholdings of FSG last year, maintaining as the Group's single largest shareholder. In addition, Mr. Chang Zhenming, Chairman of China CITIC Group, was appointed Chairman of the Board and a non-executive Director of FSG in December 2018, showing tremendous support to FSG’s future development. FSG has established a market-leading diversified and multi-disciplinary management and operating team equipped with extensive “Belt and Road” project experience. Their outstanding capabilities in security, logistics, insurance and infrastructure, combined with the Group’s global network of government and cooperative relationships with government as well as international financing channels will enable the delivery of turn-key solutions in frontier markets. Leveraging these unique advantages, FSG is entering the “Belt and Road” infrastructure market with confidence.

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