Frontier Services Group Held 2019 Managerial Meeting


“Stepping stones for print, grasping irons for mark, braving to be the first, basing on past and heading forward”. 

Frontier Services Group (FSG) successfully held its Global Managerial Meeting in Beijing on 19th - 20th June, 2019. Group Directors, middle and senior-level managers of the Group, senior managers of overseas branches and subsidiaries, as well as staff from Group Business Development Department attended the meeting to discuss FSG’s future development and business plan.  

Mr. Luo Ning, Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Group extended warm congratulations and great expectations on the success of the meeting. Mr. Johnson Ko, Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Group, reaffirmed the original intention of the establishment of FSG and reviewed in sincerity with everybody present of the history of FSG. 

In the past two years, FSG made major adjustments in shareholder structure, business direction, key market layout and internal management. However, FSG has always taken security as its core business, with insurance, logistics and infrastructure as its strong support, firmly focusing on the Belt and Road regions. This meeting has reaffirmed that FSG will unswervingly aim at the established direction and forge ahead. 

During the meeting, the heads of all the business sections and overseas branches seized the precious opportunity to share their experiences, gains and feelings about the overseas work, learning from each other with sparks of mind. All of them deeply felt that FSG employees must always think and act in the same direction in order to further enhance creativity, cohesion and competitiveness. 

FSG will never forget its original intention. With security as its core business, FSG will drive the entire business chain consisting of insurance, logistics and infrastructure and keep up with the pace of the times. Actively exploring potential opportunities, FSG will embrace every innovative change and challenge along the way.

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