FSG Bangladesh Held Overseas Security Training


       The economy of Bangladesh has suffered a lot from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The security situation is becoming increasingly severe with more prominent social security issues. Attacks against Chinese enterprises and Chinese people in Bangladesh occur from time to time. In order to prevent and contain major safety accidents and fully guarantee the safety of enterprises and their personnel, Frontier Services Group Bangladesh team and Laos team joined hands with the Chinese Enterprises Association in Bangladesh on the 27th of October to provide an online lecture on safety and security to overseas personnel of Chinese enterprises. More than 200 enterprise representatives attended the training on the internet.

      Bearing in mind the current major concerns of various enterprises, the security officer of FSG elaborated on the types of risks faced by Chinese enterprises in Bangladesh under the present international situation. He systematically expounded the importance of cultivating personal safety awareness and safety behaviour habits, and provided professional advices to the Chinese enterprises and their employees on how to handle risks and conduct overseas safety management. The training received positive feedback from the participants for being informative, instructive, pragmatic and beneficial.

      As a comprehensive service provider cored in security, Frontier Services Group not only has first-class professional capability in security consulting and training, but also has the competence to provide high-level security services in focus overseas countries for international investors including the Chinese.

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