FSG Leasing Celebrates a Good Start at the Beginning of Chinese New Year


       At the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Ox, FSG LEASING PTE. LTD. celebrates a good start. More than 100 units/sets of engineering transport vehicles and mining equipment will be shipped to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), with cumulative contract value of more than 10 million US dollars. This shipment kicked off FSG Leasing’s business in the new year, marking the beginning of rapid business development in the DRC!

       Registered in Singapore in 2020, FSG Leasing has set up branches and started business in Thailand, Congo (DRC), and Bangladesh, etc. FSG Leasing aims to fully connect supply and demand in construction industry and optimize resource allocation. It provides one-stop solution of engineering machinery and equipment for overseas large-scale construction projects and mining projects, integrating FSG's strong overseas security forces and smooth logistics channels, which ensures the safe and rapid transfer of equipment.

       Based on FSG’s overseas construction project experiences and upstream and downstream resources, as well as the team’s abundant experiences in overseas construction machinery services, FSG Leasing will work with leading Chinese manufacturers of construction equipment, and compose a new chapter in international construction machinery leasing services. It will become a valuable segment to FSG’s existing security, logistics, insurance and construction business in international high risk regions.

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