Race for Life Across Thousands of Miles -- Aero Medevac in Mozambique


Mozambique timenight on June 24th, Frontier Services Group (“FSG”) Mozambique branch received a call for emergency medevac assistance. The medical condition of a sick employee of a Chinese company deteriorated. He needed to be transferred back to China for treatment.

The next day happened to be Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and Mozambican National Independent Day. Bearing in mind the principle of “client first”, FSG Mozambique’s staff gave up the holiday, took prompt action and worked out the best medevac solution with the patient’s employer company. At this time, African countries are all locked down due to COVID-19 and commercial flights between countries have long been in suspense. Mozambique has been in national emergency since April 1st. To facilitate the cross-border flight of the medevac aircraft of Phoenix Aviation (FSG’s subsidiary in Kenya), help is needed from embassies to obtain flight clearance from relevant countries through diplomatic channel, which is extremely challenging because it involves top approval from multiple ministries.

In order to accomplish the mission, FSG Mozambique, Phoenix Aviation and the patient’s employer company formed a working group immediately. Despite the massive demonstrations, parades and violent riots in Ethiopia going on for several days at the time which kept interrupting telecommunication, the working group overcame all sorts of difficulties, carefully adjusted the schedule, and managed to obtain all flight clearances and other necessary papers on the afternoon of July 5th, setting everything in place for the flight.

On July 6th, a Phoenix professional medevac aircraft carrying medical equipment and personnel arrived at Maputo, capital of Mozambique and without any delay flew the patient to Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa for Ethiopian Airlines. The medevac mission across three countries was finally accomplished. The patient landed safely in Shanghai on July 7th for further treatment.

Since the 2020 Chinese New Year, FSG South Soudan, FSG Kenya and FSG Mozambique have organized several medevac operations with Phoenix Aviation. Through these operations, FSG proved its capabilities to provide comprehensive services in high-risk environments to international investors including the Chinese.

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