Expert Committee Tailored Suggestions for FSG's Development


       Against the background of the global epidemic in 2020 and the changes in the current global situation, Frontier Services Group recently held an annual seminar for its expert committee, inviting them to tailor suggestions for FSG's development.

        Dr. Hua Dongyi, CEO of FSG, briefed the experts on FSG’s recent progress in business development. FSG’s Heads of Regions and of Business Development reported on the steps taken in establishing a westward logistics corridor in Africa.


       The experts, with their professional strengths, put forward tailored suggestions for the development of FSG. The legal expert analyzed the ideas and scope of application of the national top-level design by sharing his own experience in participating in the formulation of relevant national laws and the interpretation of specific clauses. The geological and mining expert recommended areas and countries for mining development based on his decades of experience and research. From the assassinations of Soleimani and Fakhrizadeh, the strategic expert analyzed the new mode of warfare represented by face recognition, drones, and satellite positioning technology, the threat to bio-security brought by viral weapons for their intractability and low cost, and the challenges of AI internet technology to future security. The security expert brought up new ideas on security from the perspective of system, mechanism and innovative development. The engineering negotiation expert, who has long been deeply involved in African business, gave valuable advices on the westward logistics corridor in Africa and warned against certain policy and technical risks. Experts also discussed on the importance of geopolitical factors in overseas development from the historical, maritime, and military perspectives.

       The seminar is of great significance. FSG further clarifies the thinking, reconfirms its goal, and finds the basis and legal support in theory and strategy for its development and layout.

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